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Susanah Ajiboye

The BlackProWriter

I work as a content writer who creates web content for brands and small business owners specifically in these niches – Lifestyle and Digital Marketing.

I help writers kickstart their content writing business by sharing essential tips and guides needed to get creative, monetize their writing skills, reach potential clients, grow a devoted audience and make a living. Join my email list and get exclusive access to Freelance writing resources for Free!

I focus on one thing

Writing services


I create stellar web content for small businesses and brands within the lifestyle & digital marketing niches by targeting their ideal customers and increasing conversion rate.


I guide newbie writers on how to launch their blog and grow it into a business by providing valuable resources via my blog.


I educate content creators on the importance of creativity by sharing tips and guides needed to improve their writing skills and social media strategy.

Hi, I am Susan, a content writer, and a blogger. I help writers to reach their full potential. I was able to combine writing with schooling back in the university, and the experience set me off on a journey to pursue a career as a professional content writer with five years of experience. I consider myself a generalist but I will say I thrive better when I create content under the lifestyle and digital marketing niches. I earn money writing for other people and I believe you can do it too! Learn more about me here.

So what can i help you with?

My Specialties

Blog/Web Writing

I write contents written in plain and straightforward language that are compelling enough to engage its target audience and help find what they need.

Social Media Strategy

I create social media content calendar for brands and individuals to drive engagements. I also manage social media platforms for brands & businesses.


I create written content for clients for their projects on a contract basis.


I create content in a storytelling format to present clients’ products/services as a solution to their consumers’ problems.

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About Blackprowriter

Hi, I am Susanah Ajiboye. A creative writer who is passionate about movies, music, food, and popular culture. With an experienced background in storytelling, content creation, digital marketing, content photography, and the likes, I have been able to tell stories that drive engagement and ignite conversations.