Freelance writer and Coach

Hello, my name is Susanah Ajiboye. I am a creative writer who is passionate about movies, music, food, and popular culture. However, I work as a freelance writer who creates written and visual content. With an experienced background in storytelling, content creation, digital marketing, content photography, I have been able to tell stories that drive engagement and ignite conversations. My job is to help you connect with an audience and convince them with your content that they need your products/services. Hiring me is the right step to take. You wanna get in touch, clicking this button would be a great decision. On the blog, I will be sharing my journey as a content creator and the tips I’ve learned so far in freelance writing.


Blog/Web Writing

I write contents written in plain and straightforward language that are compelling enough to engage its target audience and help find what they need.

Social Media Strategy

I create social media content calendar for brands and individuals to drive engagements. I also manage social media platforms for brands & businesses.


I create written content for clients for their projects on a contract basis.


I create content in a storytelling format to present clients’ products/services as a solution to their consumers’ problems.

core objectives


To reinvent how people share knowledge, tell stories, and inspire their audiences to act.


To enrich the corporate culture of my clients with theoretical and hands-on practical techniques to guarantee world class best practice.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing 100%
Photography Content
Photography Content 100%
Brand Development
Brand Development 100%
Content Editing
Content Editing 100%

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