Freelance writer and Coach

I am Susanah Ajiboye. A creative writer who is passionate about movies, music, food, and popular culture. With an experienced background in storytelling, content creation, digital marketing, content photography, and the likes, I have been able to tell stories that drive engagement and ignite conversations. My job is to help you connect with an audience and convince them with your content that they need your products/services.

I began writing during my time in university. I was able to combine schooling with a freelance writing business. Now, I am a content creator with over five years of experience in areas such as Digital Marketing, Lifestyle, Wellness, Beauty, Popular Culture, Travel, Arts, Science and Technology. It is important to me that I listen to what my client needs; your wish is my command. My niches are Freelance writing and digital marketing.

From Suzan Writes to BlackProWriter, I’m not a newbie when it comes to blogging and content creation. With this Freelance writing website, I will be using my expertise, experiences and knowledge to inspire other writers and small business entrepreneurs to take full control of their future. My mission is to help you get started in freelancing, share my past mistakes, guide you towards making better decisions, become a paid content creator and balance a writing job with your personal life. Hiring me is the right step to take.

Research Skills
Listening Skills
  • Worked as a content creator for the media startup brand.
  • Wrote advertisement copies for publication to promote sales.
  • Provided logistics advice and salesmanship.
  • Utilized literary skills to write numerous entertainment articles.
  • Managed the startup brand’s social media pages.
  • Created content around tourism and travel tips.
  • Covered trips and tours by interviews and media promotions.
  • Writing convincing, results-oriented copy for a diverse spectrum of websites from technical to conversational.
  • Writing sales and call-to-action promotional materials, brochures, flyer copy and e-mail newsletters.
  • Writing SEO optimized website content to drive organic traffic for the websites.
  • Writing podcast scripts majorly on culture for brands and individuals.

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